UPVC & Composite

UPVC & Composite

We have an extensive range of high quality uPVC Windows and Doors  from many of the leading brands ensure we can offer a solution for every taste.


Our casement windows can be manufactured in either the VEKA or Halo system. With the choice of M70 chamfered, FS70, System 10 or Rustique.

Manufactured with a fusion-weld and feature-groove all unfoiled joints, and knife-finish all foiled joint, we fabricate windows to the highest quality standards for each and every installation.

With a combination of handle and frame styles and finishes, the casement window is only as good as the hardware and fittings supplied with it, which is why we work with only leading suppliers like MACO shootbolts and Fab&Fix furniture, to guarantee long-lasting products that perform as well as they look.  

Sliding Sash

The VEKA vertical sliding sash can help you recreate the look and feel of the original timber sash.  Whether we’re working with the local authorities to recreate a traditional look in a conservation area or simply just looking for a classical look, these are an ideal window choice. 

The sliding sash styling closely replicates the look of the Georgian & Regency windows with a modern and energy-efficient uPVC frame and mechanisms while offering sash horns and deeper bottom rails as options. We now also offer Mechanically jointed Vertical Sliding Windows

UPVC Doors

Our uPVC residential doors are manufactured with the VEKA profile and come supplied with a wide range of hardware and colour options to suit any property.  These weatherproof and secure uPVC doors are available in low threshold options for convenience and/or disability access. They can be manufactured to open inwards or outwards to suit customer requirements. A popular choice for home improvements giving a modern, stylish entrance to homes and most importantly they are virtually maintenance free.

All doors meet PAS24 as standard and upon specification can be manufactured to meet Secured by Design.

Composite Doors

Manufactured from the VEKA or Halo profile, we can provide one of the most comprehensive and highly regarded composite door ranges available today.  With a huge choice of styles, colours and glass designs on offer, we also supply a range of furniture, including the option to upgrade to the stylish and suited Sweet hardware.

The composite door features a GRP compression moulded door skin and a timber woodgrain effect with a Polyurethane thermally insulated core achieving an authentic timber door look.

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